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but says Floyd once tried to bang his ex-girlfriend behind his back. Mayweather feels betrayed by his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson for moving on and dating Nelly ...who Mayweather was friendly with earlier this year.So much for those ongoing "we're just friends" rumors.Longtime rumored couple Ashanti and Nelly shared an intimate moment while Ashanti performed at Nelly's 5th Annual Ball in St. While performing her track "If I Was Your Girlfriend," Ashanti serenaded and teased Nelly, who looked on in delight the entire time.Ashanti has these ‘social media streets’ singing a collective “Baby, baby, baby, baby, babyyyy” just like she sang back in the day. Because of the online photos she shared on Saturday (July 7, 2017). His caption implied he’d had some type of sexual encounter with the baby mama after the photo shoot back then: Loose Cannon then posted a throwback pic of Nelly’s current girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, when he auditioned her for an Apple Bottoms ad back in the day.Now, we already know Ashanti’s a beautiful woman, but when she posted her barely there bikini swimsuit pics, showing her thick thighs, ‘apple bottom,’ and tiny waist, her fans were like ‘Good Gawd girl! Throughout the years, Ashanti’s physique has taken on a life of it’s own and this time was no different. He, too, implied that he had sex with Shantel and that her new body was paid for by Floyd Mayweather.I know he’s in a long term relationship with Floyd Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, so that’s no diss to her. Ee-I-ee-I’ from checking for Ashanti in the past, AFTER he and Ashanti’s breakup. The popular actress is best known for her roles on Blossom and The Parkers. READ MORE I Love Old School Music spoke exclusively to actress, Chrystale Wilson, best known for her role as “Ronnie” on the hood classic film, The Player’s Club.** ** In 2015, Vibe reported how Nelly- who was also dating Shantel then- had a tough Instagram feud over Ashanti, with his former friend/St. Chrystale spoke about her work on the film and the ?

"And that's what I try to explain to people when some of the controversy comes about, when they say 'yo, look how he treats women', and 'he does this or he does that'. I just have to explain to him, this is for adults and this is for the youth, you feel what I'm saying?

Check out her pics below and some of the comments her fans left… Loose Cannon seemed to taunt Nelly, by posting a bikini pic of Ashanti and labeling her his Women Crush Wednesday (#WCW) crush on Instagram: Nelly then responded by posting a throwback Apple Bottoms ad of himself with S. By the way, Floyd then posted an Instagram message on his page, telling his fans to go follow Loose Cannon- seemingly meant to be some side shade toward Nelly and Shantel as well: ** So, yeah…it got a lil’ heated for a minute and hopefully they’ve squashed their tension.

** ** On a side note, I wonder if her ex-boyfriend, Nelly, is checking her pics out on the low. Point is though: Nelly checks for his ex…at least he did two years ago. If he is, it’s understandable because Ashanti’s bikini body is catching everybody’s attention these days. Well if you don’t know the name, there’s a strong possibility you’ve seen her face.

Nelly is one of the most loved and loathed rappers in America.

For his lady fans, the multi-platinum-selling star ticks all the right boxes: there's the unnerving sexiness, courtesy of the bulging tattoos and the well-earned torso he frequently flaunts.

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But the 30-year-old says he's simply in the business of entertainment – a line of employment that has so far seen him enjoy multi-platinum-selling albums, a number of global hits, including four UK number ones, Grammy, MTV and Billboard success, a Hollywood film role in The Longest Yard, and the growth of two clothing companies (one is the successful Apple Bottoms jeans, with a name that references a woman's, er, apple-shaped bottom).

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