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Micsex chat

This site offers free and anonymous access to a multiway chat/videoconferencing system..

You may wish to use this site for business purposes, distance learning, on-line radio, web TV and on-line concerts, catching up with friends, etc.

To use voice, the land you are on must be voice-enabled.

If the land you are on does not have voice enabled, the Speak button is dimmed and you can't click it.

Chat room should be the place to have a fun chat and make friends.

We understand that chat is virtual but it is grand to all people in the chat room to respect and get along with everyone without forgetting about manners and courtesy.

We would be thankful to everyone: Do not type in Caps because it is sounds like you are yelling at everyone in the main room, for more details please click here.

See your operating system documentation for more information.

Voice requires at least 32kbps upload and 64kbps download bandwidth, regardless of the number of speakers.

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We're Totally Anonymous - No verification required.