Jian ghomeshi dating

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Jian ghomeshi dating

Ontario Judge William Horkins acquitted Ghomeshi of four charges of sexual assault and one charge of “overcoming resistance by choking,” all of which allegedly occurred in 20.(Canadian law allows for jury trials, but Ghomeshi waived his right to one.) Prosecutors originally brought eight charges of sexual assault against Ghomeshi but dropped two of them in May 2015, citing a low likelihood of conviction.He hit her again, and she stared in disbelief and shock.

Jian Ghomeshi, a former radio host for Canadian broadcaster CBC, was found not guilty of all sexual assault charges Thursday.

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It’s a simple fact of human sexuality that it happens in private, and the only people who know what happens are those participating.

Some thoughts on Jian Ghomeshi, about whom I feel entitled to opine because I was once a guest on his show — talking about the little fundraising thing I did last year which included RAINN, an interview which now in retrospect is sadly ironic. Ghomeshi was a radio show host in Canada, who was let go by the CBC because of then-mysterious reasons. Ghomeshi took to Facebook to allege that he was fired because he participated in consensual BDSM play which was now being used against him by vengeful exes, and sued CBC for “breach of confidence and bad faith.” Since then a number of women have come forward to allege totally non-consensual abuse and/or harrassment at the hands of Mr. Again, BDSM isn’t my thing, but it’s a thing I know enough about to know that what Mr. What little I know about BDSM is that those who enjoy it are happy to share and to teach and to provide a safe space for that enthusiasm. Ghomeshi, I am certain, would not have lacked for willing, consenting partners — if this really about consensual sexual exploration and enjoyment. Ghomeshi other than through a very brief professional encounter. Do you maintain he is your friend but acknowledge what he’s done is wrong? What I can say is that I hope I never am in this situation. To reiterate, because it’s important: I believe the women who have come forward to allege assault and harassment.

There’s nothing wrong with consensual BDSM play; if that’s your thing and you can get other people to go along with it in a safe and consenting manner, then you kids have fun with that. Suddenly smacking the hell out of someone and/or choking them without prior discussion or agreement is pretty much the of consensual BDSM play, now, isn’t it. But at the end of the day choking a woman who is not consenting to the experience and saying it’s BDSM is akin to stabbing someone in a bar and claiming it was a martial arts test match. The irony of the above point is that if it really about BDSM (which it was not), then there was no reason for any of that to happen. Ghomeshi’s friends addressed this in a post of his own, which is worth reading. I know what I think I would want to do; I don’t know if it’s what I do because I’ve never had to be in this situation.

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The public responded to the verdict via Twitter, many voicing their support for the victims in the case with the hashtag #IBelieve Survivors.

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