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I was like, "OK I can't drink too much because I have the Logies the next day," so I had a couple of wines. SF: The scheduling is pretty much the same, it's pretty intense but I like working like that, I like being busy. I just think that when you're working so hard, when you're so happy with who you are I think it's just going to naturally come to me — that's the attitude I've got, anyway. PS: The scrutiny from the public — has that gotten better for you since you went off social media? Just recently I uploaded a selfie and people were like, "Eat a burger! And I'll gain weight and I'll lose weight and I'll gain it again — it's just what my body does and it probably will forever. It would be such a challenge and Marco Pierre White is amazing and hopefully I can learn how to do something better than tuna and rice [laughs]. SF: Yes, we actually had the wrap party last night. PS: Are you looking to date or are you not ready yet? I don't really care, I'm not actively looking to date someone. You know, how many times have we gone around this circle?“ “Ondertussen zijn we verloofd en trouwen we in 2016.Naast het plannen van ons huwelijk, hopen we heel binnenkort op een nieuw leventje!Ik was om die reden verhuisd naar een appartement in de stad.Periwinkle is a frost fairy and is the twin sister of Tinker Bell.In the Frozen movie, Anna finds her match in Kristoff.Elsa finds the courage to reign in Arandelle, and does not need a prince!

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They were like, "We're gonna go." I was like, "Cool I'm just gonna hang out here and have some wines and bikkies and dip." PS: How are you feeling now? I feel like, throw whatever at me, world, because I'm ready to take it on. I don't need a guy, I haven't dated since February.

No one was there to celebrate with me so I was just high-fiving myself and then I had a champagne with the owner and the auctioneer and the real estate agent. I feel like everyone goes through challenges and I honestly believe that it makes you so much stronger. I know myself better than I have before and I'm so happy to be independent, and single.

Ded Moroz is a holiday character that has been transformed over the years.

Pre-dating Christianity, Ded Moroz was a Slavic wizard, or demon, of winter.

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