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Astronomical dating vedas

Achar also acknowledged that some 30 years earlier, in 1969, S. In determining the date of the Mahabharata war at Kurukshetra, astronomical references in the epic can be used, of which there are more than one hundred and fifty.Most of these that pertain to the war, though there are many scattered throughout the texts, is in the Udyoga and Bhisma Parvas.The Vedic literature discusses many types of philosophical viewpoints, and studying some of them will let us see that many of the concepts that we accept as new today are nothing more than parts of the ancient Vedic knowledge that had been dealt with and thoroughly understood thousands of years ago.Thus, there are not many ideas that are really new at all.In Hindu mythology, Angiras are celestial beings and descendants of gods, who watch over humans and protect sacrificial fires.The Angirasas are among the oldest families of Rishis (Seers) in the Rigveda.Consequently, the term ‘Peleh’ is used to describe those physical utterances which have both a physical and spiritual meaning.This aptly describes my book, which reveals ‘hidden’ knowledge concerning encounters of Venus, Mars and Mercury with the Earth during the Bronze and Iron Ages, suggesting that this chaos was purposefully initiated by God in order to rejuvenate a ‘tired’ Earth, thereby accommodating the growing population of mankind.

If you are new to the study of Vedic culture, you may not understand all of these ancient Vedic texts or their purpose, or why it is necessary to mention them in this review.Concerning The Title Peleh is a mystical Hebrew word, often translated ‘miracle’ or ‘miraculous.’ It is the nearest Old Testament word to ‘supernatural.’ It connotes a revelation of heretofore-concealed knowledge.Because Aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet, it is considered the root of all knowledge.In the first two letters of the Sanskrit word An-gir-as, AN could refer to Anu.GIR might relate to the Akkadian fire-god— fire as in rocket propulsion.

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This corroborates with the view that the age of Kali-yuga started in 3102 BCE, according to Dr. As stated in the Puranas, Kali-yuga had already begun, but its full influence was held back because of the presence of Lord Krishna.