5 good dating tips

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Aside from the basic common sense advice like don’t discuss your ex-wife during the first date, and don’t drink too much, here are my top tips for men.

The more you can entice a woman to talk about herself, the more comfortable she will become with you. Listen to things she tells you about herself and remember them.

However this seems to be a difficult thing for people to do, but in hindsight no one like phoniness and you can generally tell when someone isn’t being genuine. This is what happens…your date says something nice about you and you then you start to reject the compliment.

When you pretend to be somebody you’re not, it will make you uncomfortable, and this can show through in other ways. Your date mentions how nice you look, and you point out the microscopic stain that your dry cleaner missed, or you mention that’s because they don’t know you well enough. Instead, be polite and offer a simple thank you with a smile. Maybe a bit of clarification is in order on this one.

Regardless, you aren’t going to look good by bringing up your ex, so don’t do it. Relax and listen and let the natural flow of the conversation happen.

Keep your attention on the person you’re with and you will do fine. I’ll let you in on a little secret: you can be yourself when you are on a speed date. In most cases you should try to find out about each other, if you are just talking about yourself it will make the other date feel like you are disinterested. This is one of those tricky Speed dating tip for singles.

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The problem with talking about your ex is that if you say something bad about your ex, then your date will see you as negative, and he or she will wonder what you’re going to say about them if things don’t work out or perhaps even wonder if you’re not telling the full story.

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